Xtreme Properties 24 and Auctioneers

Online Property Auctioneers

Our team of highly knowledgeable professionals is driven by the vision to be one of the leading agencies within the industry.

We offer professional experience and expertise in all areas of Real Estate, ranging from Residential Sales and Marketing to Commercial Sales and procurement, including Auctioneering services of moveable and immovable properties.

We have an accumulated 25+ years experience in the Industry providing skills, knowledge and expertise across the full spectrum of Real Estate and Auctioneering services.

Our values and principles, embodied in our Code of Conduct, guarantee fair and equitable treatment in our capable hands.

Our Residential Sales Team ensures that Real Estate needs are effectively met. We strive to stand out in the marketplace through our innovative approach.

Our Commercial Department develops and reinforces a strong networking system on a national and international level.

We are an established Enterprise with the scope and vision to evolve within participatory relationships in order to improve the lifestyles of communities, and all of those that we come into contact with.

We believe in sharing our experiences, skills and knowledge by the mentoring of new entrants into the Industry.

Since our Xtreme Properties 24 beginnings our Team has embraced technological advances and we recognise the importance of the evolving concept of the Online Market. We make use of Online technology to simplify processes for clients and to facilitate information accessibility. We are a Real Estate marketing solution offering an Online platform for local and international marketing of Real Estate by and for individuals, and businesses or Legal Entities.

Xtreme Properties 24 and Auctioneers was born out of a real need for ethical transparency in the Real Estate Industry. Built on this Foundational Principal, we identified a niche whereby Premium local and international Properties are marketed in a unique online environment.

What makes Xtreme Properties 24 and Auctioneers unique is our dedication to effective service delivery via technologically advanced solutions.

The concept of online Real Estate marketing is not a new concept: we have expanded the horizons of a previously limited system exponentially to provide a meaningful Real Estate experience that delivers results


Q Does your company assist with the Marketing and Selling of all Properties?


Q Does your company only market properties for the Individual, or can a Company advertise as well?

We market properties for all who own a Property, whether you are an Individual or a Company.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you start the process!!

Q Are you Real Estate Agents or are you Auctioneers?

We are Online Property Auctioneers who market and sell all types of Moveable and Immovable properties, with all of our required and valid licenses.

We are registered with the PPRA (Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority) and with SAIA (The South African Institute of Auctioneers).

Q Are your Agents certified to practise?

Yes, all our agents have passed their required NQF4 qualification in Real Estate, as well as the Professional Designation 4 Examinations.

They have also qualified as Auctioneers with all necessary Certification.

Q Do your agents conduct a Needs Analysis before recommending Properties to potential Buyers?

Yes, our Agents conduct a Needs Analysis with all Buyers to determine the type of Property they require.

Our agents fully explore a Buyer's needs upfront.

Q Does your Company follow all due processes to reduce any inherent risk to Sellers and Buyers?

Yes, our company follows all due processes with regards to the FICA Documentation (Financial Intelligence Centre Act), FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre) regarding the due diligence process with all Sellers and Buyers, POPI (Protection of Personal Information Act) knowing who your clients are and protecting their personal information, determining registered addresses and contact information.

Our company's Code of Conduct - https://www.xtremeprop24.co.za/code-of-conduct

Q Is your Company compliant with all relevant Legislation in South Africa?

Yes, absolutely, we compliant in all relevant legislation in South Africa such as, PPRA, SAIA, FICA, CIPC, POPI.