Valley Organics

Eat clean, eat Valley Organics Pasture Raised Chicken

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Valley Organics is organic farm, co-founded by Farmer Jake and Farmer Alex in the aim to provide the highest quality chicken to consumers.

“Eat clean, eat Valley Organics Pasture Raised Chicken”

We produce pasture raised poultry. All our chickens are raised on pasture 24/7. Raised 100% naturally.

Pasture Raised

Our birds live 24/7 on pasture, eating, scratching

Certified NON-GMO

Supplemented on NON-GMO feed

No Growth Hormones

Bugs not drugs!

100% Natural

Raised 100% naturally

Anti-biotic free

Our birds are given a natural probiotic to keep healthy

No animal by products

Only pasture and grain based feed