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PROPERTY FACTOR, a mortgage originating company, was founded by Tess Rodrigues in August 2001.

As an affiliate of Mortgage Max, a subsidiary of the BetterLife Group, we have contracts with the four major banks of South Africa, (i.e. Standard Bank, ABSA, First National Bank and Nedbank), private banks RMB and Investec, and Sentinel Homes.

Property Factor is focused on offering you value, by building a solid, reliable and lasting relationship. Many of our clients have become family friends and most have approached us when buying their 2nd and 3rd homes. After 19 years in business, we are now privileged to also assisting their children in entering the property market.

We look forward to establishing a similar rapport with you.

We specialise in getting you the best home loan at the lowest interest rate, in the quickest turnaround time, while advising on all things property.

With us, you will not have to experience the frustration of dealing with call centers, you will have all your home loan specialist’s direct contact details, enabling you to get assistance immediately.

Never complete another home loan application form again. We do it for you, freeing up your valuable time, while verifying that your application meets with the banks’ minimum scoring requirements.

You will receive daily feedback on the progress of your application so that you have the peace of mind knowing that we’re overseeing the process and dealing with any possible hiccups immediately.

Our exceptional reputation with the banks, built over 19 years of plying our trade, is invaluable when it comes to negotiating your application for a favourable outcome.

The banks’ credit criteria differ substantially. Applying with all the banks that will consider your application, will guarantee you of receiving the best home loan facility at the lowest interest rate.