Mach 1 Security

1 Security Solution For the Far South

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We provide you with one security solution based on a thorough assessment of your risks and vulnerabilities.

We use various technologies as needed, including state-of-the-art alarm and CCTV systems.

We don’t just throw technology at the problem, but take careful aim at our targets using our in-depth local knowledge and technical expertise.

Combining this experience with the latest alarm and CCTV technology available, we tactically implement solutions at points of vulnerability to best harness all available resources in the fight against crime.

Our Services:

  • On-site guarding
    Our guarding division offers PSIRA-accredited and graded security officers for commercial or residential needs.For over 15 years we have built up local networks of information to keep us updated on crime threats as they arise. This information is fed through our guarding division to ensure our guards are rooted in local intelligence, updated dynamically as threats arise.

    We maintain very good relationships with our local crime-fighting structures, allowing us to exchange information and act as a force multiplier if required.

    Our guarding clients include hotels, shopping centres, residential estates, special events and film production companies.


  • CCTV installations
    We install CCTV systems for home, business and community safety applications.Our state-of-the-art systems harness artificial intelligence to identify and escalate real security threats as they arise.

    Home CCTV systems are empowering home-owners with an additional layer of security and their deterrence value has been proven time and again through a reduction in crime following installation.

    We have also completed large projects for various communities, making use of various technologies for various applications.

  • CCTV monitoring
    We enhance our guarding services with the monitoring of CCTV cameras.Using smart surveillance systems, we are able to respond to security breaches on site in tandem with up-to-the-second information gleaned from surveillance cameras.

    We were the implementing agents of vehicle recognition surveillance in the Far South in 2006. With over 15 years’ experience in surveillance, we have built up invaluable and critical knowledge to enable the best use of such systems in a crime-fighting context.

  • Alarm installations
    Our alarm technicians have been with us for over a decade and their years of experience have made them seniors in their field.We trust our technicians to work in clients’ homes, and we do not use subcontractors.

    We design alarm systems to meet clients’ specific needs. Each site is different, with different vulnerabilities, and we design a solution using the best technological fit-to-purpose.


  • Intercom installations
    We install video and phone intercoms for access control at your home or office to further ensure security vulnerabilities are minimized.