Jumas Quality Security Services


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Jumas Security offers a range of security services including access control, perimeter guarding with K9 unit, CCTV and alarm installation and monitoring, cash in transit, gate motor and intercom installation, electric fencing maintenance, safeguarding of specialized assets, risk assessment, and polygraph examination.

  • Jumas Security has a team of skilled and experienced security officers who are equipped to handle threats to the safety of clients and continuously undergo training.
  • The company invests in modern technology and combines it with traditional security methods to provide effective security services.
  • Jumas Security has tangible systems in place for clients to assess the quality of service they receive, and the management is directly involved in day-to-day operations.
  • Employees of Jumas Security undergo ongoing security and polygraph vetting to ensure their integrity.
  • Jumas Security provides risk assessment services for residential and business premises as well as farm owners and communities.
  • Jumas Security offers truth verification and integrity testing through polygraph examination.


  • Jumas Security Control Room (24/7): 014 718 4000 or 079 823 0618
  • Operational Manager, Fanie Pretorius: 071 005 6617
  • Accounts and Administration, Magda Weideman: 071 676 2855
  • Technical Manager, Francois Pretorius: 074 714 6453
  • Jumas Security App, Magda Weideman: 071 676 2855